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Rebecca Stafford '03HN, President Emerita

Rebecca Stafford

Rebecca Stafford '03HN, President Emerita

Monmouth was my home for a wonderful decade, and the Monmouth University community was my family. I still feel a part of this special organization and am so pleased to be included in the select group of friends and alumni who have pledged to make Monmouth a beneficiary in their estate plan.

As members of the Shadow Lawn Society, we believe in Monmouth and want to be a part of the University even after we die. Through our gifts, we can continue to be a vital link in the chain from parents to students to alumni to benefactors and, finally, back to future students who will carry on the ideals and traditions of Monmouth University.

The schools with the largest number of benefactors are small, private and old, with distinguished academic reputations and many wealthy alumni. But the Ivies did not become wealthy overnight. It took many generations to build their enviable endowments.

What is more interesting is Monmouth's story. What an unlikely place to have such a remarkable growth in endowment and a rapidly lengthening list of donors at the highest level of endowing buildings, professorships, institutes and programs. So why is this young University so successful by almost any measurement? What is Monmouth doing to mold these high achieving alumni?

Monmouth admits promising, above average students and turns them into outstanding alumni. The "can do" spirit is the cornerstone of the Monmouth ethos. I believe that spirit pervades the campus and helps to explain the success of our students, of our organizations and our athletic teams. I believe that spirit has also captured my fellow members of the Shadow Lawn Society—and has made them want to help Monmouth to take the next bold steps. It is why I hope all of you feel that your gifts are a worthy investment to produce future citizens who will make our nation a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Feel free to contact Emily Miller-Gonzalez at or 732.263.5393 to learn about the many ways you can make an impact on Monmouth well into the future.

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